Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Menopause: What's going on?

There's something about middle-aged women that I find very attractive and vaguely irresistable. Oh, I'm not sure what it is really but it's always been there. I find them mature and sensible and demure to the point of distraction, and decidely un-flakey like many of the young people that I know. They're intelligent and wordly, oftentimes very ambitious and powerful. Here are some of the more notable of my meoopausal and post-menopausal crushes - they should be fairly obvious:

I'm not a vain person but women of a certain age have been making passes at me lately to the point where I feel I need to write about it in my blog. It's starting to get rather intense and a little ridiculous. Oh, sure, they're a little old for me, I mean, god forbid someone my own age should make a pass at me. But I started keeping a pass tally to keep my life in order:
N.M. - 8 M.H. - 5 P.B. - 1 P.H. - 20
A.H. - 4 N.G. - 21 J.S. - 11 T.S. - 30

On a sad, related note, Virginia Hollingsworth died this week. Oh, I know she and Blanche fought a lot, and she ruined Big Daddy's funeral. I confess I always liked Charmaine better, especially when she was on Dr. Quinn. But it's sad, nevertheless. She managed to live a while after her unfortunate kidney diagnosis.

Speaking of middle-aged women, Mother gave me some rather nice presents for my birthday this weekend. I wore one of my new sweaters to church on Sunday with the tag still in it and then threatened to return it, which I knew would blow her mind. She's constantly fighting many internal battles, one of the major ones being between parsimony and morality. Although her integrity would never allow her to let me return it, the fact that we could and get the money back drives her crazy. It's not her fault, that's the way she was brought up. If anything, I blame puritanism, capitalism, communism for being an alternative to capitalism, and the Protestant work ethnic, all of which she was raised on. I know this and I love messing with her. Hey, she's my mother.


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At 4:30 PM, Blogger Blazin' HagXXX said...

Do you find Middle-Ages Hags attractive? Or even just Hags? LIKE ME HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SATAN FIRE

At 2:46 PM, Blogger old lady plaza said...

well i'm a little disappointed that I didn't see my photo but I'll get over it


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