Sunday, November 06, 2005

Christmas is Coming

This was not more evident than when Father picked me up at the train station and already had his favourite Philly Christmas radio station on in the car. Father and I both like Christmas because we get bored with our lives in the Fall and need something to look forward to.

At my barber's a few weeks ago I heard a 7 year old in another chair complaining that his mom won't let him watch their Christmas movies yet. Get over it. I was 17 before my mom started letting me watch Christmas movies by myself. I've already watched "Rudolph" and "A Christmas Carol" this year. It reminded me of this summer when this 11 year old kid came into my memorbilia shop on the boardwalk and asked for the LP of the Rosalind Russell version of "Gypsy." I didn't even know there was another "Gypsy" besides the Bette one at his age! His mother has no idea of the years of grief that are coming her way.

I bought Christmas cards at Target today. And I'm sorry, people who don't like Christmas are going to have to just like the card with the word Christmas crossed out, I'm not getting generic winter ones this year.


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